Our New Studio – We’re Getting Closer!

Dear Students & Parents,

I am pleased to finally be able to say we finally have a commencement date for the studio build! It has taken ever so much longer than anyone anticipated due to delays in supplies related to COVID-19. Up & running now are Private Lessons available for bookings at various venues, Pilates & PBT Classes & Sunday Stretch Classes. My Ballet for Skaters™️ classes will also run, it is a matter of whether they will be at the rink, or at a Private Studio- regardless, I am keen to get them running. Zoom classes are also available in you are unwell or live interstate/overseas. Currently working on several qualifications, I will soon be qualified to teach VCE Dance & additionally, am NOW able to enter students for RAD examinations. Please feel free to speak with me about this if you or your child would like to enter. Until next time, remember to PLAN & PLACE before you DANCE or SKATE. Preparation is everything! My best to you all.

Kimberly Francis, ARAD, Director, Altitude Dance.

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