Greetings to our Altitude Dance family!

My congratulations to our Victorian students & parents for having survived no less than 111 days of hard lockdown! The Zoom lessons have been interesting for all of us, some loved them, some hated them…It was very interesting nonetheless & I have very much enjoyed working with all of you. For my overseas students, I am sorry that some of you are once again heading into lockdown- my heartfelt thoughts are with you. Congratulations to those who chose to complete their first EVER “Test Class” with Altitude Dance – many did very well. Exams will be a lot more formal once our syllabus becomes part of a larger entity, but these fairly informal tests can give you a feel for what you need to remember and how much work there is, should you wish to complete the Certification Exams & earn credit towards your VCE Dance. If you or your child did not complete a Test Class but would still like to receive a Term/Semester Report Card, email me & I will arrange it. I am wrapping up November classes a little early, as I require surgery on my shoulder- an ‘arthroscopic subacromial decompression & bursectomy’ to be precise. I’m telling you this because information about the body pertaining to movement is interesting, plus I will be away for a short while. I have some bone spurs in my shoulders that have ruptured a tendon – ouch. Here is an  image of what will go on to remove the spurs:

This surgery will take time to heal, but I WILL be back to teaching about two full weeks post-operation in early December. In the meantime, I have prepared practice schedules for my Private Students. If you are not already a Private Student & would like to become one, simply fill out the form under the ‘CONTACT’ tab and I will create an account for you, with which you can book classes, shop for clothing & dance-related items as well as skating accessories. In-Studio classes will resume as soon as we have booking confirmation, regardless of my injury, as I will still run classes with experienced dancers to assist if required. Here are the details as per the Victorian Government’s guidelines:


We will be allowed to commence teaching in groups & hiring studios after November 23rd, specifically for Melbourne, VIC:

  • Indoor physical recreation:  Patron cap of up to 100 people.
  • Group or class size up to 20 people.
  • Density quotient of 1 per 4m2
  • Indoor community sport – contact or non-contact: Patron cap of up to 100 people.
  • Group or class size up to 20 people. o Density quotient of 1 per 4m2
  • Large sporting venues will be able to open with a 25 per cent venue patron cap, with each space subject to the density quotient. 
  • Outdoor sport and recreation – contact or non-contact:
  • Patron cap of 500, group sizes align with public gathering limits of 50 people. o Density quotient of 1 per 4m2.

The fee structure for Altitude Dance Classes will change when we return to our studios in North Melbourne & Carlton, and will also change for online classes. This is due to the fact that we did not anticipate such a long lockdown & we need to make it feasible for classes to continue running. You will be advised of these changes. Please feel free to ask any questions & submit them via email: or via text message/call: 0417 337 219, or simply fill out the contact form under the ‘CONTACTS’ tab.

I hope to hear from you soon – I will be posting regular updates, particularly about how to access corrections & comments in the next post.

Best, Kimberly xx

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